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Wed Mar 21

NORTHERN ALLSTARS vs HARDINO - DON’T STOP BELIEVING vs IT GIRL / How much in the world is purer than the intent of this mix of songs? Since I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the concepts expressed in this track, I’ll just make a short list of things I’m impressed with here and hope you can help me connect some of the dots.

- “Midnight Train” recontextualized as rave drug reference
- Boy or girl singing? Is this concept a Steve Perry reference?
- Sample clearance for guitar solo or complete re-record?
- The generic rave build owes a lot to Journey anyway
- Now Americans have the wherewithal to create mix CDs called “Clubland Smashed”
- Might make your uncle’s entree into rave scene
- This will be many teens’ first exposure to these lyrics
- "Hold On To That Feeling" also recontextualized
- Repetitive lyrics not too far from standard vocal trance anyway
- The “It Girl” comes just as you were about to stop believin’